A marriage of hard work and creativity = Magical Stools, Gorgeous Shelves, & beautiful experience of togtherness

Based in Sterling Forest in Upstate NY, this marriage is a perfect balance of straight lines and Whimsy.
Maggie has a genuine love for hands on crafting, sewing. She has been relentlessly designing and making things for over a decade. Joe's expertise in fabrication has been a great help in achieving these designs.
Maggie's overwhelming compulsion to create fun designs for their own home has had this married couple focusing the majority of their spare time on designing projects as a family. When Joe is not driving a roll off truck, he is more than likely to be found out in the workshop making streamline shelves and wood designs. Maggie is more than likely to be found tinkering away in her studio, where she is happiest with the Magical Miss Gia by her side! It has been an ever evolving experience that has combined togetherness, creativity and hardwork to this small tight family.
We believe in developing detailed designs that capture a sense of nature with a spin of fun, functionality and above all originality.
Because of all of the care of love that goes into each item at Pixie Brook, the Matullo's pride themselves on attention to detail and outstanding customer service, whilst aspiring to produce the perfect balance of unique yet desirable products. Each product is exquisitely made from the highest quality materials and love.
This Trio joined Etsy in 2009 and has now sold their vintage and handmade products all over the world (The novelty never wears off, we are still very humbled and flabbergasted by this!)
Joe has some big plans for this year, hoping to expand his shelf and woodworking line to develop his original brand of products. Maggie is excited about new adventures in whimsyville and creating some more exciting colorful mushrooms, tables, and evolving them to perfection by expanding the tools in the workshop.

Thank you for your support :)
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