Original Mushroom Stools, Cloud Pillows and illuminated creations

Our goal is to create a quality made luxury handmade products that will last a lifetime. Details are key to our style.

Our mushroom stools are functional works of art. An original design where small details are what makes them so unique. We use the best fabrics and supplies to ensure that the time spent making our items is so our handiwork will live on for generations. A childhood stool that will grow on with the child and can grow into a fun ottoman. It's the timeless charm of nature, we never tire of the whimsy sight of an adorable mushroom seat..

Our clouds pillows are just as original and at the same time luxurious. we go big and dramatic on our large lined pillows. We create them with or without remove-able pillow cases.
We combine lights, paints, fabric, lumber and sewing into our works.

-All wreaths, stools, and Lightstrands are handmade and can be custom designed to match any decor -

The key to anything we make, is that it will continue to enchant you for many years to come.

Contact us with any questions you may have or any custom designs you would like!


We are fair sellers, so we expect buyers to be have the same respect. We appreciate the opportunity to share our creations with the world, we aim to offer you a great unique buying experience.

All custom orders are worked on promptly, and sent out within time agreed upon - Mushrooms have approx 4 day turn around, birthday candle holders are a two 1/2 week turn around time.

All Custom Orders are paid before the job starts. If you cancel and order, we must charge a fee for supplies, and admin time to research the project.


We ship FedEx Ground, as they are the most efficient and economical way to ship. If the shipping costs look high on our page, please contact us with your zip code so we can get you an accurate rate or do a rate comparison.

Please Be Advised- Most Shipments Overseas are subject to Customs Tax.


** Refund Policy **
We are very fair sellers. We aim to please.

It is our goal to offer you a stellar handmade shopping experience, we are always willing to work with a customer.

All situations are handled on a case by case basis. Please make sure before ordering a custom order that all of the details are discussed prior to the start of a project.
Shipping Refund - All items are insured. All items are packed per specifications, in the event there is an issue, please contact us immediately, we will work our hardest to rectify the situation.


I appreciate my customers and opportunity to share my creations with the world.

All custom orders are worked on promptly, and sent out within a few short days.

Stools can take up to 7 days to complete, because we have to dry out the wood before applying the sealer and stain.

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